BUS–D 300 International Business Administration (3 cr.)
Foreign environment for overseas operations; U.S. government policies and programs for international business; international economic policies; and management decisions and their implementation in international marketing, management, and finance.

BUS–W 301 Principles of Management (3 cr.)
Designed to synthesize knowledge of principles and functions of management: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, and decision making.

BUS–W 311 New Venture Creation (3 cr.)
This course helps students identify viable career options in entrepreneurship, expand their basic knowledge of the entrepreneurial process, and develop a repertoire of venture management skills.

BUS–W 320 Leadership and Ethics (3 cr.)
Students are introduced to ethics concepts and leadership skills, with a particular emphasis on demonstrating how ethics and leadership are complementary areas of emphasis for an effective leader. Ethics and leadership must be considered together in order to produce leaders who have the foresight to consider issues of responsibility, accountability, and the full impact of their actions, as well as a skill set that will empower them to implement their vision.

BUS–W 430 Organizations and Organizational Change (3 cr.)
Analysis and development of organizational theories with emphasis on environmental dependencies, sociotechnical systems, structural design, and control of the performance of complex systems. Issues in organizational change, such as appropriateness of intervention strategies and techniques, barriers to change, organizational analysis, and evaluation of formal change programs.

BUS–Z 440 Personnel-Human Resource Management (3 cr.)
Nature of human resource development and utilization in modern organizations. Establishment and operation of a total human resource program. Includes recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, reward systems, benefit programs, role of personnel department, and role of government.