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General Business Concentration (24 Cr. Hrs.)

*NOTE: Students choosing this concentration cannot double-concentrate.

This concentration is intended for those students who aspire to be small business entrepreneurs, or are owners or managers of small businesses. This concentration allows the student to design a customized course of study by drawing from each of the business disciplines to create a tailored concentration area.

  1. The student, in consultation with an academic advisor, will choose a combination of 8 BUS or ECON concentration courses (NOTE: elective courses like BUS-L 303 can be taken).
  2. No more than 2 courses can come from a particular concentration’s set of 18-21 required hours.
  3. For an individual course that is required in more than one concentration, the student must designate the concentration that the course will represent.
  4. This concentration cannot contain any internship hours, professional practice hours, or BUS-M 300.