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International Business Concentration (24 credit hours)

This concentration prepares the student to be familiar with the international business environment and allows emphasis in a particular geographic locale. The student can choose between Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America as an area of emphasis.

In addition to the concentration courses listed below (total of 24 cr. hrs.) the student must also:

  1. Take one of the following courses:
    • POLS-Y 109 Introduction to International Politics
    • POLS-Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  2. Choose a specific region of emphasis:
    • Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Africa
  3. Take the first two years (14 cr. hrs.) of a foreign language:
    • European Emphasis: French, German, or Spanish
    • Latin America Emphasis: Spanish
    • Asian Emphasis: Japanese or Chinese
    • African Emphasis: French

Required Courses

Dept. Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade Co-Reqs or Pre-Reqs
BUS-D 300 International Business Administration 3 C- ECON-E 200 Jr. Standing
BUS-F 494 International Finance 3 C- BUS-F 301
ECON-E 333 International Economics 3 C- ECON-E 200
POLS-Y 376 International Political Economy 3 C- ECON-E 200, POLS-Y 109/Y 107
Choose two 300/400-Level courses (6 credit hours) from chosen region's list of courses in Group A, Group B, or Group C of the International Studies Major (lists in Bulletin). **Courses must be from different groups.**

Required electives

Select two (six credit hours) 300/400 level BUS or ECON courses outside International Business. Cannot be satisfied by internship, Professional practice, or BUS-M 300.