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Required courses (18 credit hours)

Must take the following 5 courses:

  • BUS-K 330 Contemporary Topics in Info Technology
  • BUS-K 335 Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • BUS-K 400 Information for Operating Control and Data Management
  • BUS-P 330 Project Management
  • BUS-P 430 Total Quality Management

Must take one additional course from the following list:

  • BUS-A 301 Accounting: An Information System
  • BUS-D 300 International Business
  • BUS-F 302 Financial Decision Making
  • BUS-M 303 Marketing Research
  • BUS-W 430 Organizations and Organizational Change
  • CSCI-A 201 Introduction to Programming or CSCI-C 201 Computer Programming
  • CSCI-A 247 Network Technologies and Administration

Required elective courses (6 credit hours)

Select from 300- or 400-level business or economics courses outside of IOM [BUS-K/BUS-P] (NOT from BUS-M 300 or internships/professional practice). A course cannot double-count in both the required 18 hours and the elective 6 hours.


Certain approved CSCI courses**. Must see a School of Business academic advisor for the current list of CSCI courses that will count as an IOM concentration elective course. Check prerequisite requirements for CSCI courses. IOM students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course in the second category. (** Reminder: Students choosing 200-level CSCI courses still must have at least 48 hours of 300- and 400-level course work to graduate.)