Foundations Requirements

Foundations courses are required to prepare students for full admission into the graduate business curriculum. Students with a bachelor’s degree in business from an AACSB-accredited institution will be understood to have automatically met the MBA Foundations requirements. In other cases, the Graduate Business Office will evaluate the student’s transcript(s) for prior coursework equivalencies. Applicants who have not met all of the Foundations coursework requirements may be “conditionally admitted” for the purpose of Foundations completion. Upon completion of the Foundations requirements, a student is considered for admission into the graduate business curriculum. Typically, one graduate course may be taken in the same semester as the final Foundations course while still under conditional admission status. The student’s overall Foundations GPA is expected to be at least 3.0 in order to be considered for admission into a graduate business program. Students who do not have at least a 3.0 Foundations GPA will not be permitted to take one graduate course with their last Foundations course while under conditional admission status.

Students may contact the Graduate Business Office about challenging a Foundations course requirement by examination. Only one challenge exam per Foundations course may be taken. Challenge exams are an option only prior to the first entry into the course. No credit by examination will be given for courses contained in the graduate business curriculum.

Students who stop taking classes for at least 2 consecutive regular semesters (Fall or Spring) must file an appeal for reinstatement in the Graduate Business Programs Office. If such reinstatement is granted, the student will be subject to the Bulletin in effect at the time of reinstatement.

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MBA Foundations
IU Southeast Course Credits
BUSE-F501 Foundations in Accounting 1.5
BUSE-F502 Foundations in Finance 1.5
BUSE-F503 Foundations in Economics 1.5
BUSE-F504 Foundations in Marketing .5  online, self paced course
BUSE-F505 Foundations in Quantitative Tools 1.5
BUSE-F506 Foundations in Management .5  online, self paced course

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MBA Curriculum – 37 Graduate Credit Hours

Required Courses (31 credit hours):
Phase I
BUSE A505 Strategic Cost Management
A506 Managerial Economics
A507 Modeling & Simulation
A508 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
B513 International Environmental Analysis (2.0 cr)
B516 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
B517 Operations & Supply Chain Management (2.0 cr)

At least 12 hours of Phase I must be completed before taking a Phase II course.

Phase II
BUSE C521 Marketing Management
C522 Financial Management
C523 Systems Decision Theory & Applications
Phase III
BUSE D530 Business Policy & Strategy
(Director Permission: should be taken in last semester)
Electives (6 credit hours)
BUSE E551* Managerial Forecasting
E552 Negotiation
E553* Consumer Behavior
E554 Human Resource Management
E556* Labor Economics
E557 Investment Management
E560 Venture Growth Management
E562 Special Topics in Business
E567 Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis
E568 International Financial Management
E577 Financial Statement Analysis
E578* Business & Economic Applications of Geographic Information Systems
E581 Special Topics: Information Technology Management Issues
E588 Project Management
E590 Independent Study
E591 Analysis of Current Economic and Business Conditions
E594 Business Analysis & Valuation
E596* Intermediate Accounting II
E597 Fraud Issues in Business
G533* Auditing
H541* Not-for-Profit Accounting
H546* Advanced Corporate Taxation

*Cross-listed graduate elective courses are available for graduate students who have not previously taken the undergraduate equivalent. Any undergraduate prerequisite requirements must be met.

Community Service Requirement

Graduate Business students must perform at least 20 hours of community service in a project that involves their contribution in the form of business knowledge, leadership, and/or expertise. Some examples include volunteering for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, providing tax assistance for the elderly or disadvantaged, participating in a United Way agency, or serving on a not-for-profit board or advisory council. Activities that serve a narrowly defined population such as being an officer at the local Rotary Club or a church deacon are not appropriate for this requirement.

Furthermore, participation in admirable community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity would not be acceptable unless the service was in the form of contributing business expertise or in a leadership role.

Services in which the student organizes and/or directs the project for a non-profit organization are acceptable. Examples such as directing and/or organizing a community cleanup sponsored by the Rotary Club or chairing a church clothing drive for the needy are acceptable projects because they serve a need of the greater community.

The requirement may be completed at any time during the academic program. It is strongly recommended that the student plan to complete this requirement prior to the last 6 credit hours of coursework in the graduate curriculum. Students must submit a written proposal outlining a plan for satisfying this requirement to the Graduate Director for approval prior to performing the project.

The proposal should contain the following information:

  1. Name of the community organization or project selected to fulfill this requirement.
  2. Name and telephone number of a contact person at the organization.
  3. How your business knowledge, leadership, and expertise will be applied.
  4. Estimated time frame for completion of the project, including beginning and ending dates, if possible.

Normally, proposals are approved within one week of submission. Proposals that differ from typical projects, however, may require additional time for approval. Any services rendered prior to the approval of a proposal do not satisfy this requirement. Certification by the participating organization is also required. At the conclusion of the Community Service activity, students must submit a one- to two-page typewritten report summarizing the project, project outcomes and student’s contributions to these outcomes to the Director of the Graduate Business Programs for final approval.