Students at IU Southeast.
Students at IU Southeast.


Kimberly Pelle
Coordinator of Non-Traditional Student Programs
Adult Student Center
(812) 941-2650

Services for Adult and Returning Students

Jumpstart Programs and Workshops

If you’re feeling just a little bit nervous about getting back into the study swing-of-things, or if you’re worried your basic skills are a bit rusty, the Student Development Center and the Adult Student Center offer programs to get you back in the saddle again, from computer workshops to basic math study skills.

Family Programs

The Adult Student Center and the Children’s Center join forces to make sure your family gets involved in your education too. Take some time out and enjoy a picnic or a Derby party with the kids, or bring your significant other to a holiday get together to meet other students and their families.

Assistance with Campus Resources, Services and Opportunities

The Adult Student Center staff is very knowledgeable about the campus, and can direct you to whatever kind of assistance you need when you need it. The center coordinator can also point you to community resources if the need arises.

Networking with Other Students

All students are a little bit nervous when they first start school. The environment is unfamiliar, confidence levels are a little low, and to top it off, they don’t know anyone. The Adult Student Center is the place to come to meet other students just like you. You’ll be making friends in no time, and finding a study partner is a sure bet.

Supportive and Caring Adult Student Center Staff

The Coordinator of Non-Traditional Student Programs manages the Adult Student Center, and is always there to help. Whether you need to vent or just celebrate some good news, she is there to listen. Very knowledgeable about the campus and community, she can direct you to resources and services you may need to use as you continue to work towards your goal.