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How to Start an Organization

Congratulations! You have already taken the first step. Deciding what you are interested in is one of the most important parts of the process.


  • A minimum of 5 students
    • Talk to your fellow students and see what kind of interest there is for your idea. In order to become recognized, you must have the names and campus IDs of a minimum of 5 IU Southeast students who are interested in seeing this group on campus.
  • Have 100% of membership enrolled at IU Southeast
  • Advisor is a full time employee of IU Southeast
    • You will need to talk to some full-time professors and/or staff to see if one would be interested in advising this group (hint it's often a good idea to approach professors in the school or department that is related to your organization's goals). If you have trouble finding someone, don't worry, just stop by Campus Life and we can help you find the perfect match!
  • Officers currently enrolled at IU Southeast
  • Meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities to discuss your ideas and get some more information.
    • Bring that list and your ideas with you to The Office of Campus Life and ask to meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities. He/She will provide you with a packet of information to take with you and complete (Intent to Organize form, how to write a constitution, select officers, etc.). He/She will also chat with you about holding an interest meeting (you will be allowed to reserve a room on campus for this purpose), and answer any questions you may have!
  • Write a constitution and bylaws
  • Hold recruitment and organizational meetings
  • Hold elections or appoint officers
  • Hold an organizational retreat and have an officers’ training workshop
  • Turn in a roster of members, constitution, etc.
    • After you turn in all of your information, we will process your forms and provide you with your $50.00 seed money! Once you are an officially registered student organization, you will be allowed to reserve rooms on campus, publicize and host events, and apply for office space in the Student Involvement Center.
  • Intent to Organize Form (PDF)
  • Student Organization Handbook
  • How to Find an Advisor (PDF)
  • How Do I Start a New Group? (PDF)
  • How to Recruit New Members (PDF)
  • Grade Card form (PDF)
  • Blank Roster form (PDF)
  • Student Group Registration Renewal form (PDF)

Get the Word Out

Intro (now that you have a great idea…)

How to Publicize

  • The Planet is our online student newsletter. It is sent out to all students, faculty, and staff every Thursday with information about the next week’s upcoming events. It is also a website which you can view at
  • You can submit events or announcements to The Planet by going to and clicking on the “submit an event” link on the left-hand side of the page. This submission form also allows you to select other advertising venues, such as the outdoor marquees (located at the main entrances to campus), the campus calendar, and the video bulletin board (the TV monitors around campus that show a slide show of upcoming events).
  • You may also bring 27 copies of your fliers to the Office of Campus Life (UC-101) and we will post them for you around campus on our bulletin boards.

Receiving Seed Money