Students at IU Southeast.
Students at IU Southeast.


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University Center 010
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Volunteer Opportunities

“Volunteer and bring joy to those in need, and share your experiences, tell your stories, and inspire others along the way.”
—Blake Mycoskie, American author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Accept the Grenadier Service Challenge to do 25 hours or more of volunteer hours this year. Find something you enjoy. Find something that you can do regularly. Act selflessly. See a need and do something!

Join our Facebook group IU Southeast Volunteers to stay up-to-date about Volunteer Opportunities.

Disclaimer for Volunteer hour approval:

Volunteering is considered giving personal time and energy to address immediate COMMUNITY needs. Examples include tutoring, serving food at a shelter, building or repairing homes, neighborhood or park clean up, etc. Things such as having a table for your organization during Week of Welcome or preparing for an event hosted by your organization are considered Participation in Association. Going forward volunteer hours will not be granted for Participation in Association. If you have questions about the recent change please feel free to contact the Office of Campus Life at (812)941-2316.


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