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Brice Mitchell
Major: Business Marketing
Class of 2013
New West – Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing , Louisville, KY
Project Manager
Mo’ Better Marketing , Louisville, KY
Account Associate Intern – Summer 2012
Please describe what you do at your current job.

I manage our economic development account with Louisville Metro. The goal is to drive more investors to West Louisville, which is an ideal place for manufacturing businesses due to its geographical location that includes: railroads, an airport, highways and water logistics all within a 10 minute radius.  The opportunity is there and my job is to increase awareness through marketing strategies followed by tactics that is targeted to investors, in hope of building a better economy!

In conjunction with managing my account, I also edit video/media, along with revising scripts, conducting extensive research, placing media buys, composing press releases and much more!

How/when did you get your current job?

I was hired for my full-time position at New West as a result of completing my 1-year internship with Mo’ Better Marketing.  Over the course of that year Mo’ Better bought out New West, which allowed me to transition and grow with the two merging agencies at the perfect time.  I got my current job upon graduation in May of 2013.

What have you learned through your current job?

I’ve learned to be yourself at everything you do.  It is important to bring unique characteristics, insights and backgrounds to the table. In some cases this might fill an unfilled space making you a differentiation factor and an asset to a company.  By staying in your comfort zone you will be portrayed as being more authentic and knowledgeable about a subject, which will naturally boost your confidence and self-esteem to excel in whatever it might be.

Everyone is human and humans make mistakes.  Don’t be intimidated by anyone, no matter their job title, experience or income because in most cases, they were in your shoes at some point in time.  Learn from accomplished professionals in hopes that one-day you will be sitting in their seat.

How/when did you get first internship? How many internships did you complete while in school?

I’ve only completed one internship while in school and I got it by reaching out to the owner of what is now New West, he was a friend of the family.  He allowed me the opportunity to learn the field of marketing with actual hands-on experience, which ultimately brought the things I’ve learned in the classroom to life, from there I’ve embraced everything thrown my way.

What were some of the highlights and challenges you experienced during your internship?

Working for a marketing agency you witness a lot of highlights and challenges.  Some of my highlights are actually witnessing my work being published by professional organizations or departments.  For example: seeing my press releases on websites, seeing commercial buys that I placed on TV, presenting and contributing in meetings with executives of well respective companies, receiving positive feedback from my client on the account that I’m currently managing, witnessing the things that I’ve learned in class actually work, the list goes on and on.

Honestly I haven’t come across too many challenges and if I did I would look at it as an opportunity to show what I can do.  I’ve been blessed in a situation where co-workers are quick to help.  They have invested their own time, like IU Southeast faculty members, to development and grow my business professional skills, for that I’m thankful.
How has your internship helped you in your career path?

My internship has helped me become more confident as a young business professional.  I owe that to my mentors at work, my former professors and basketball coaches at IU Southeast.  They all have taught me the correct business acumen and life skills that it takes to be distinguished in whatever I choose to do.

How did the Career Development Center helped you in your search for a job/internship?

The Career Development Center was very helpful in facilitating my internship.  I know that every student has different needs and mine wasn’t as complex as others, since I already knew where I wanted to do my internship.  However they walked me through the procedures to turn my internship into course credit.  They also helped me find potential alternatives, in regards to internships, to help broaden my views and professional future.  The staff is extremely friendly and informative as they always put the needs of the students first.

What advice do you have for other students who are looking for a job or internship?

To students looking for an internship, it is important to reach out to the Career Development Center and also your professors.  Don’t be shy in telling them about your future plans or what you’re looking for in an internship because they have the knowledge and experience to suggest the best options possible.  Also it is always important to network and get your foot in as many doors as possible because its never a guarantee that you will be hired full-time after completing an internship.  Expect nothing but appreciate everything!

What advice do you have for other students while attending college?

As a student I think it is important to make good use of your resources while you have them.  Don’t just go to class to go to class.  I’ve learned that going through the motions doesn’t separate you from anyone.  A lot of people have aspirations to be successful but first it is important to define your own definition of success.  After you have done that go above and beyond what is expected, if you work hard enough success and your career dreams will find you.