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Cory Dixon
Major: Chemistry
Class of 2014
You had a pretty interesting change in major. Describe how you started out and what made you decide on your current major?

I first looked at IUS because I was going to be a music composition major, but I also really enjoyed chemistry and found it fascinating.  I came to an open house here, and went and talked to the music department and really liked the people I talked to, but then I met Dr. Haub with the chemistry department and she gave such a good sales pitch that I decided to major in chemistry instead.

What have been some of the highlights/challenges you've experienced during your college career?
Research! It's been both a blessing and a curse sometimes, but it always keeps life interesting.  Also, being a community adviser in the dorms was a real eye opening experience for me.  I never stopped and thought that being responsible for 70+ students could be a rather time consuming activity, but I made some great friends, and got a lot of good stories out of it.
Describe your goals and how you are currently planning to achieve them.*

My current goal is to get accepted into med school.  I took the MCAT (Medical college admission test) back in January, from there I had to fill out the AMCAS (American medical college application service) and write my personal statement.  I then applied to IU School of Medicine's Early Decision Program and have my interview August 28th.  Then I will have an answer from the early decision program by October 1st.  If I get turned down on early decision, my application goes into the general application pool for IU, but I will also apply to UofL Med School, and University of South Alabama's med school.

What made you decide on grad school and how does it relate to your future plans?

I did an internship in high school were I got to shadow several different doctors, I even got to scrub into some surgeries.  After that I program I decided I wanted to be a doctor.  I decided I need to go to med school because our country has some pretty strict laws about practicing unlicensed medicine.

What advice would you give students who are interested in going to grad school?

Talk to your advisers and find out who is/has gone through the process currently/before.  I had invaluable help from both Ben and Andrew Stillman while I was going through the application process. The Honors Program puts on a panel discussion about grad school that covers everything from applying to succeeding in grad school, I highly recommend you attend this as a sophomore or junior if you are even remotely interested in going to grad school.  Start early, talk to the professors in your department your freshman year, they will help you line up the courses necessary to succeed if you wish to attend grad school.

Corey was accepted to the IU School of Medicine in October 2013, and is planning to start in Fall of 2014.  He will be one of eight students placed on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN.  According to stats he shared with our office, only 335 students were accepted out of 3,950 applicants in 2012. For 2014, the IU School of Medicine has received over 4,000 applications already and will only accept 352.