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Jansen Foster
Major: Human Resources Management
Class of 2014
Steel Technologies, Louisville, KY
Assistant Benefits Specialist
How did you get your current job?
I heard about my current job through a connection on LinkedIn and through SI-SHRM.
What has been most rewarding for you?
The chance to try out different work place settings such as a large corporation, a family owned company, and also a manufacturing facility.
What have been some of your challenges?

Juggling work, school, family, and a social life.  It has been challenging and exhausting, but I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience each internship has offered.

How has the Career Development Center helped you in your search for a job/internship?

They have helped out tremendously by reviewing and critiquing my cover letter, resume, and references. Their database has definitely been a huge help trying to find internships, and the staff is always willing to share new internships/jobs they have available.

How has your job/internship helped you in your career path?

I have had the opportunity to experience different parts of HR with each position I have held. I can now put on my resume different aspects of HR and different functions I am familiar with that I probably wouldn't know had it not been for my internships.

What advice do you have for other students while attending college?

You cannot afford not to have an internship! They offer great experience and most of them actually pay very well. It is very difficult to try to find a job after graduation with no experience, so I would advise trying to do an internship as soon as you can.