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Morgan Pearson
Major: Journalism
Class of 2015
Salem Communications, Louisville, KY
Marketing/Promotions Intern
How did the Career Development Center help you in your search for a job/internship?

If it had not been for the Career Development Center, I never would have heard about the internship with Salem Radio. Rosie helped me get in touch with Patty Copass in Human Resources there, and I soon got an interview.

Please describe what a typical day at your internship was like.

My day would begin by pulling the morning news and weather sponsors. Making sure the newscaster had the correct advertisers to promote while on air. I fetched coffee, and made phone calls to arrange interviews for the show.  I wrote newscasts for the anchor, and assisted in fact checking.  The show ran for 3 hours, towards the end I would begin writing my weather forecast. I would then go into the studio and record. Afterwards would be the time, I would work on any commercials they might have for me.

What did you learn through your internship?

If you want to be noticed get there early, stay late, fetch coffee, be willing to do the job no one else wants to do. And always give it your best! 

What were some of the highlights and challenges you experienced during your internship?

The highlights were meeting Doug Profitt from WHAS 11 and John Boel from WAVE 3.  Covering breaking news could be stressful at times but I loved it!  One morning I came in and I asked Joe Elliott what he thought of the Barbara Shanklin verdict; assuming he had heard it already. In the slew of information that morning he had missed the verdict.  When I told him she was found guilty but able keep her seat on Metro Council he was outraged. It was 7:52am, and he asked me to set up an 8am interview with political analyst Joe Arnold.  The next few minutes were really intense, after apologizing for waking him up; I got Mr. Arnold on our show at 8am.

How has your internship helped you in your career path?

My internship has helped me immensely! It solidified that TV broadcasting is definitely where I hope to be one day.  However you have to be willing to work your way up.  

What advice do you have for other students who are looking for a job or internship?

Seize any and all opportunities to do anything close to what excites you!  Use the Career Development Center; they are there to assist you.

What advice do you have for other students while attending college?

Find what you’re passionate about, and make that your obsession! Don’t follow money, follow your passion. If you’re passionate about something, you will probably be very good at it. Then the money will come. Hard work always pays off.

Other comments, thoughts, ideas….
Have Fun! And be insatiably curious. Learn everything you can.