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Clinical Lab Science

Clinical laboratory science is aimed at quality performance of clinical laboratory procedures on biological samples from patients. The results of these procedures provide important patient data that aid the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The clinical laboratory science curriculum offered at IU Southeast provides a broadly based background including specific chemistry, mathematics, and biological science requirements, as well as the opportunity to elect courses from the liberal arts. The curriculum of the clinical laboratory science program is fully accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science.

The allied health sciences programs in clinical laboratory science will consider all eligible students for admission to the integrated programs offered at Bellarmine University in Louisville. Pre-allied health students interested in the program are advised that admission into the professional program is not guaranteed. Students must apply for admissions to the professional program at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.

The pre-professional course work may be taken part time; the professional program is presented in a full-time, day format only. Both fall and spring start dates are offered for the professional program at Bellarmine University. The student takes the first two pre-professional years at IU Southeast and then approximately 63 professional hours at Bellarmine University. Upon completion, the student receives an Indiana University degree.

Non-Indiana University tuition is required for the professional hours at Bellarmine University. This cost, however, is not significantly different from the cost of moving and living in Indianapolis for a year combined with the instate tuition at IUPUI. Any student who is interested in the IU Southeast Clinical Laboratory Science Program should contact the School of Natural Sciences at (812) 941-2284.

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