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By definition, geography is the study of people and the environment from the view-point of spatial relationships and spatial processes.   Because it analyzes the chains of linked processes that bind human and physical systems effectively together, geography becomes a bridge between the natural and social sciences. Geoscience majors are varied in background and interests. However, most students in this discipline share a common concern of people-environment relationships and foster a desire to better understand the interrelationships of these phenomena.

In order to succeed well in the discipline, prospective majors should have the potential to achieve cartographic and/or statistical skills; possession of these skills will enable them to better synthesize and interpret geographic data. Having the ability to express their findings in a clear straightforward manner will also contribute to their success in the field.

B.A. in Geoscience may be completed in one of two tracks:
Geography – students may select one of the following concentrations:
• Human Geography
• Geographic Information Science (GIS)
• Environmental Geoscience
• Physical Geography


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