Tax Credits

How do I get tax credits?

All students enrolled in course for college credit must complete form W-9S each calendar year they are enrolled. The form may be completed electronically through Onestart, IU's secure student website, by December 30th of each year. IU will also accept hardcopies of IRS Form W-9S until December 15th of each year. This can be obtained from any of the campus bursar offices, Financial Management Services Tax Department on the Bloomington Campus, or the IRS website.

Students submitting the W-9S will receive Form 1098-T in early February of the following year:
For more information regarding the 1098T forms, please visit:

For complete information please refer to the Taxpayer website.

To ensure your ability to process your taxes without delay retain copies of all bills received from Indiana University Southeast.

Questions regarding the 1098-T can be directed to the IU Tax Department at or 812-855-0375.