School of Education

Mission and Vision


The mission of the Indiana University Southeast School of Education is to develop high quality, caring professionals who are leaders in the continuous transformation of schools within a diverse society.


School of Education Faculty and Candidates (students):

  1. respect the accepted legal and ethical norms and values of education;
  2. effectively interact and collaborate with others and foster similar behaviors among students;
  3. are committed to diversity through equitable treatment and respect for all individuals;
  4. exhibit personal management behaviors valued by the professional education community;
  5. are committed to inquiry & application of the knowledge base of education;
  6. exhibit enthusiasm and respect for education as a practice and a profession;
  7. are committed to data-based decision-making and fair practices;
  8. are committed to continuous self-evaluation and personal improvement; and
  9. are committed to the belief that all children can learn.

Candidate Outcomes

Candidates completing School of Education programs of study will demonstrate:

  • knowledge of content and the use of best practices in delivering effective instruction to all students;
  • dispositions necessary to help all students learn; and
  • knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to participate in school transformation.

Diversity Proficiencies

School of Education Faculty and Candidates will:

  1. learn about and respect diverse learners and their families;
  2. understand social disparities that affect students and apply social justice within the classroom and the school;
  3. create an inclusive learning community where differences are respected;
  4. adjust lessons, educational materials, resources, guidance, and other materials to accommodate needs of all students; and
  5. examine and reflect on personal practice to reduce bias and stereotypes within their work.