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Transition from Praxis I to CASA and content exam transition details

(Please read the communication from the IN DOE at the bottom of this page.)

Attention Pre-education Candidates: Praxis 1 is being discontinued

The Indiana Department of Education has decided to replace ETS’s “Praxis 1” (Pre-Professional Skills Tests) with Pearson’s “CASA--CORE Academic Skills Assessment”, starting 7/1/2013.

CASA or Praxis 1 is one way candidates meet IN’s requirement that Schools of Education only admit persons who demonstrate minimum competencies in Reading, Writing and Math. There are alternatives, so you may not need Praxis 1 or CASA at all:

  • composite (sum) of Praxis 1 scores ≥ 527;
  • SAT sum [Critical Reading + Math] ≥ 1100;
  • ACT average [Math, Reading, Grammar and Science] ≥ 24;
  • GRE ≥ 1100 (prior to 8/1/11); > 301 (on or after 8/1/11); or
  • Earned master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

See your advisor for details.

Candidates who have already passed all parts of Praxis 1 (or meet the above alternates) need not be concerned. IDOE’s long-standing policy (confirmed 11/1/12) has been that any passing score earned on a test that was valid for IN when taken will be honored. Any candidate earning passing scores on all or any parts of Praxis 1 prior to 9/1/13 will have those scores honored by IDOE and IU Southeast.

CASA registration details are available HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pearson requires registrants to pay for their test(s) PRIOR to offering information about the location of testing centers and availability of testing appointments. Registrants may cancel the testing appointment and registration; if done at least 24 hours prior to the appointment, a full refund is made by Pearson. (IU Southeast is a Pearson testing center, and does not charge a sitting fee; other IN sites are fine, but some may charge an additional fee.)

To: Licensing Advisors, Unit Heads, and Teacher Preparation Colleagues
From: Risa Regnier, Assistant Superintendent for School Support Services
Date: March 21, 2013
Re: Transition from Praxis I to CASA and content exam transition details.

As most of you are aware, Indiana’s incoming licensure test vendor is Pearson Education Systems. DOE will be transitioning over the next few months from the Praxis I and II series tests to new basic skills, content and pedagogy assessments developed by Pearson. The first Pearson test to which we will transition is the CASA basic skills assessment, which was approved with cut scores by the State Board of Education in December 2012.

The transition details follow:

July 1, 2013—first date candidates may register for CASA for the purpose of admission to Indiana teacher preparation programs.

July 20, 2013—last administration of Praxis I assessments in paper/pencil format.

August 31, 2013—last day Praxis I assessments will be administered on computer.

September 1, 2013—beginning this date, CASA is the approved basic skills assessment for candidates seeking admission to Indiana teacher preparation programs. Praxis I tests taken on or after this date will not be honored for the purpose of admission into Indiana teacher preparation programs.

Passing scores for the individual Praxis 1 basic skills assessments taken on or before August 31, 2013 will be honored, and candidates who have not passed all three Praxis I basic skills assessments by September 1, 2013 will be allowed to register for the individual CASA basic skills assessment (s) in the area(s) they still need to pass. For example, a candidate who passed the Praxis I reading and writing tests will need to pass the CASA math basic skills test and will be allowed to register for that single CASA assessment.

Due to the extended timeline required for State Board of Education approval of new tests and cut scores prior to applying the tests and cut scores to candidates, there is a possibility that the Pearson pedagogy and content assessments may not be effective on September 1, 2013. To ensure candidates do not experience a lapse in available tests at a critical time, the DOE and ETS have reached an agreement to extend the availability of the Praxis II content exams into fall 2013 to allow for a smooth transition once the Pearson tests become effective. We will disseminate the transition details to you once we know when the new pedagogy and content tests will be effective and available for candidate use.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or Katie Russo at

Glenda, Ritz, NBCT
Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction