For a computer education license, candidates must: complete 15 credit hours of the following required course work:

This program includes 5 graduate level courses

Computer Education License Course Requirements
Course Number Title Credit Hours Minimum Grade Co-Reqs or Pre-reqs
EDUC-R 531 Computers in Education 3 B
EDUC-R 505 Workshop in Instruction Systems Technology:
Multimedia in Instructional Design
3 B EDUC-R 531
EDUC-W 506 Using the Internet in K-12 Classrooms 3 B EDUC-R 531
EDUC-W 520 Technical Issues in Computer-Based Education 3 B EDUC-R 531
EDUC-W 540 Computer-Based Teaching Methods 3 B EDUC-R 531, R 505, W 506, W520

Assessment Requirements for the Computer Education License

The performance-based assessment reviews candidate progress toward meeting standards at three points during the program. Check with the Graduate Advisor or License Advisor for most recent assessment evaluation rubrics. Petition for any exceptions should be approved and on file with the SOE Graduate Studies Director. Failure to do so could result in delays or discontinuation of program completion.

Major Specific Requirements

Elementary and Secondary Education Master’s Majors are required to take 9 credit hours (3 courses) from the Education Content Component (refer to course list.)