There are 2 applications for admittance into the School Counseling Program:

Application 1-Seeking Admission to the Graduate School as a School Counseling major

  1. Attend the next DPI Advising Session:  CLICK HERE Counseling Advising Sessionsto view Advising Session dates for the School Counseling Program.
  2. Print and bring the PDF documents listed here to the advising session.  Academic Advising Checklist and Candidate Advising Information
  3. Complete online application. Neither personal statements nor departmental questions are required.
  4. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at institutions other than an IU school. Candidates must have at least a 3.0 GPA for graduate coursework or a 2.5 GPA for undergraduate coursework.

Once materials have been received, the Program Coordinator will review transcripts and candidate will receive an official letter and a detailed Academic Advising Checklist. The Advising Checklist will indicate which Pre-Requisites and Pre-Core courses candidate must take before submitting Application 2, Application to the Clinical Cohort.

Application 2-Seeking Admission to the Clinical Cohort

Candidates can apply to begin the Clinical Cohort in January OR May.  The application process is the same regardless of your start date, but application deadlines will obviously vary.  January applicants must submit application #2 the first Monday of November.  May applicants submit their applications the first Monday of March.


  1. Complete necessary Pre-req and Pre-core courses, as indicated by the Academic Checklist you received when conditionally admitted to Graduate School as a School Counseling major.
  2. Print and read detailed instructions on compiling your Application #2 Clinical Cohort Binder.  Application 2 Directions Jan 2015
  3. Listen to these narrated PowerPoint presentation slides for additional information.  You must download these slides and open in a new window.  Clinical Cohort Application Directions
  4. Print the Field Experience Form, to be included in your submitted application.  Field Experience Agreement Form
  5. Print the Terms of Agreement Form, also to be included in your submitted application.  Terms of Agreement Form
  6. Submit Application #2 Clinical Cohort Binder to Dr. Bradley's office, Hillside Hall Room 0008, or to the main office the School of Education by:

January Clinical Cohort Application Deadline:  First Monday of November

May Clinical Cohort Application Deadline:  First Monday of March

Note:  March 1st is a Sunday, so you may submit on Monday, March 2nd, 2015

*Candidates may still be completing requirements the semester in which they apply for the Clinical Cohort, but must be finished with all requirements at the end of that semester to be eligible for acceptance into the Clinical Cohort. 

The Application for the Clinical Cohort is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average
  • GPA in pre-core classes
  • Grades on assessment papers in EDUC-G 500
  • Recommendation forms
  • Years of post-BA/BS experience with K-12 age children (minimum 2 years required)
  • Personal statement
  • Bonus Points Experiences:
    • In-Person Interviews
    • Participation in a Short Activity following In-Person Interviews

Please Note: Taking the pre-requisite and pre-core courses does not guarantee entrance into the clinical cohort. Candidates not accepted may re-apply the following year. Those re-submitted application go back into the pool and compete against all others; they will not be given preference.