The Counseling Program at IU Southeast offers a Master's Degree in Education as a School Counseling Major. Graduates of the program qualify for a K-12 school counseling license and are eligible to work in Indiana or Kentucky. The Program is 48 credit hours and includes a two-part application process. Completion of the Program takes two and half years.

Upon completion of the Program, all candidates must apply for the appropriate license through the Student Services Office of the School of Education.

Please note: : More than 40 states do NOT require school counselors to be a licensed certified teacher; Indiana and Kentucky do NOT require school counselors to be licensed certified teachers either. However, JCPS does require their school counselors to be certified teachers with 3 years of classroom teaching experience OR to have prior experience working as a school counselor. Candidates are responsible for contacting JCPS directly to find out more about their specific policies. To learn more about the Kentucky Standards, candidates should check the Kentucky EPSB-Guidance Counselor Certification website.

For information about other state certification requirements, candidates should check the American School Counselor Association website.

Completing the School Counseling Program at IU Southeast only qualifies graduates to work as School Counselors. Graduates are not eligible for a mental health counseling license.

For candidates admitted after 7/15/2011, a two-year gap in coursework will require a new application for re-admission into any graduate program, and a mandatory meeting with a program advisor. The re-admitted candidate must then comply with any new program requirements.