• Candidates are encouraged to complete most of the general education and content requirements before applying for admission into the Elementary Education Program.
  • Attend an Application Orientation Session-held at various times during the beginning of the semester.
  • Application Deadlines: October 15 and February 15

    Applications submitted by October 15: Applicant will be considered for the Spring Cohort.

    Applications submitted by February 15: Applicant will be considered for the Fall Cohort.

  • Candidates accepted into program will be reviewed by the Elementary Education faculty and will receive a formal letter of acceptance in the mail. See Application Review Criteria under Forms and Manuals for more information.
  • The Elementary Education Program accepts no more than 50 candidates each fall and spring semester. These candidates include both the Elementary Education Program and the Special Education Program.
  • Candidates accepted into the Elementary Education Program will be required to complete four major summative decision points. See the Program Manual for specifics on each decision point.

Transfer Candidates

Christina Thompson

Phone: (812) 941-2386

Candidates must submit a formal petition requesting transfer courses be counted upon acceptance into the program. IU Southeast candidates who are transferring from another IU Southeast school/program need to use these same procedures.

Admission Requirements

  1. Have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. Completed or be enrolled in all required Language Arts content courses.
  3. Have passing scores on the CASA or other approved alternatives--see advisor for details.
  4. Including current application semester enrollment, candidates must have at least 55 credit hours towards their general education requirements as outlined by the Elementary Education Program checksheet.

Please see the Bulletin for more detailed information