Sequence of Professional Education Blocks:

Once a candidate is admitted to the program with a cohort (Block 1), it is expected that the candidate will complete all the professional education blocks with that cohort.  If for some reason the candidate must drop out of a cohort, he or she may return with a subsequent cohort as space permits.  Candidates must request permission in writing of the Coordinator of Elementary Education to leave his/her cohort and enter a new cohort and for any other program exceptions regarding this sequence. (See Appendices C, D, E for guidelines for petitions and appeals.) The below ‘block’ configuration is effective Fall 2013.

Block 1 Child as Learner-12 cr

____EDUC-P 250 (3) Educational Psychology

____EDUC-M 310 (2) General Methods

____EDUC-E 495 (2) Introduction to Early Childhood Education

____EDUC-K 205 (3) Exceptional Children

____EDUC-F 401 (1) Child as Learner Seminar

____EDUC-M 301 (1) Block 1 Practicum

____EDUC-M 300 (3) Teaching in a Pluralistic Society (These credit hours count towards your General Education total not the Block 1 total.)

 Block 2 The Literate Child—14 cr

____EDUC-E 339 (3) Methods of Teaching Language Arts

____EDUC-E 340 (3) Methods of Teaching Reading I

____EDUC-M 350 (3) Teaching about the Arts and Physical Education

____EDUC-E-449 (3) Trade Books & Classroom Teeacher

____EDUC-F 401 (1) The Literate Child Seminar

____EDUC-M 301 (1) Block 2 Practicum

 Block 3 Integration Across the Curriculum—14 cr

____EDUC-E 328 (3) Science in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 343 (3) Mathematics in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 325 (3) Social Studies in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 341 (3) Methods of Teaching Reading II

____EDUC-F 401 (1) Integration Across the Curr Seminar

____EDUC-M301 (1) Block 3 Practicum

 Block 4 Teaching in an Era of Accountability

(Total of 12 credit hours)

Intensive 6 week classes (6 credit hours)

____EDUC-K 452 (3) Classroom Management

____EDUC-E 495 (3) School-based Assessment

Student Teaching 10 weeks (6 credit hours)

____EDUC-M 425 (6) Student Teaching

View descriptions of our courses to learn specific information about the class. Most of the course descriptions list the number of credit hours earned and any prerequisites for the class. Please see the Bulletin for more detailed information.