Why Study Elementary Education?

The Elementary Education Program provides IU Southeast candidates instruction and best practices for teaching school age children, usually those students who are in kindergarten up to sixth grade. Candidates explore a variety of subjects and will progress through program in cohorts.

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Welcome to the Elementary Education Program of the School of Education at Indiana University Southeast!  It is an accredited program by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  We offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Elementary Education to prepare students for an Indiana teaching license for grades K-6, and Kentucky teaching license for grades P-5.

There are 120 credit hours in the Elementary Education Program, including 30 hours in General Education, 35 hours in Content and 55 hours in Professional Education courses.  To prepare students to be successful elementary teachers, they would take courses in English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.  However, the best way to learn teaching is to be in the classroom.  We are proud to be a strong field-based program which provides extensive field experiences in classrooms in Kentuckiana.  Thanks for checking our program!

Sau Hou Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Elementary Education Program
School of Education
Indiana University Southeast


  1. If you have an undergraduate degree and are interested in Elementary Education, you may want to contact Ms. Marcia Davis mamdavi@ius.edu to check the Transition to Teaching Program.
  2. If you live close to Madison, IN, you may want to contact Dr. Barbara Thompson-Book bacthomp@ius.edu to learn about taking Indiana University Southeast Elementary Education courses offered at Ivy Tech Community College at Madison, IN.    
  1. Students are encouraged to complete most of the General Education and Content requirements before applying for admission into the Elementary Education Program.

    a.  Applications submitted by October 15: Applicant will be considered for the Spring Cohort.

    b.  Applications submitted by February 15: Applicant will be considered for the Fall Cohort.

  2. Students accepted into progarm would receive a formal letter of acceptance in the mail.
  3. Students not accepted into program would also receive a formal letter in the mail, indicating missing information and resubmitted deadline.

Admission Requirements:

The following criteria apply to all applicants to the Elementary Education Program, including those switching from the other education programs at IU Southeast and transferring from the other higher education institutions.

  1. Have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. Completed EDUC-F200, ENG-W 131, SPCH-S 121, MATH-T 101 and at least one science content course and one social studies content course.
  3. Completed or be enrolled in all required language arts courses.
  4. Have a C or better in all core language arts and math courses completed.
  5. Have a 24 on the ACT (without writing) or 1100 on the SAT (without writing) or Praxis I scores of Math 175, Reading 176 and Writing 172 or a combined score of 527 (taken prior to August 31, 2013) or CASA scores of Math 220, Reading 220, and Writing 220.
  6. Including current enrollment, candidates will have at least 55 credit hours towards their general education requirements as outlined by the Elementary Education Program check sheet.


  1. Pre-Elementary Education Students:
    • Please contact Ms. Christina Thompson, cmt3@ius.edu or 812-941-2207 for advising at HH108C.
  2. Transfer Students:
    • Please contact Ms. Christina Thompson, cmt3@ius.edu or 812-941-2207 for advising at HH108C.
  3. Elementary Education Students:
    • An Elementary Education Faculty will be assigned to each admitted elementary students for advising at the beginning of the program.
  4. Teaching Licenses:
    • Please contact Ms. Nicole Owens Wilson, Undergraduate & Graduate Licensing Advisor and School Placement Advisor, wilsonno@ius.edu, 812-941-2593, HH108E for licensing questions.

To successfully complete the B.S. in Elementary Education, students at the Elementary Education Program of the School of Education at Indiana University Southeast has to meet the following program requirements:

  1. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 must be maintained until graduation.
  2. A 2.5 GPA is also required in each of the content areas.
  3. A grade of C or better is required for ENG-W131, SPCH-S121, literature course, 2nd Writing Course (ENG-W250) and all of the T-math classes, as well as all of the EDUC (education) courses.
  4. All T-math classes must be successfully completed prior to admission to Block 3.
  5. Candidates who student teach in spring will be required to complete an 8-day classroom experience at the beginning of the elementary school year.
  6. To begin each block and graduate from the program, students must have passed the dispositional standards, summative decision points and exit interviews.
  7. To begin each block, students must have completed and passed all courses in previous blocks.
  8. To do student teaching in Block 4, students must have completed all course work.
  9. In Block 4, during the 6 week intensive, candidates will either be in their assigned student teaching classroom or in their education classes.
  10. Candidates must request permission in writing of the Coordinator of Elementary Education to leave his/her cohort and enter a new cohort.
  11. Candidates discontinued from the program can reapply the following semester after providing written evidence of improvement in the issues s/he is discontinued.

Sequence of Professional Education Blocks:

Once a candidate is admitted to the program with a cohort (Block 1), it is expected that the candidate will complete all the professional education blocks with that cohort.  If for some reason the candidate must drop out of a cohort, he or she may return with a subsequent cohort as space permits.  Candidates must request permission in writing of the Coordinator of Elementary Education to leave his/her cohort and enter a new cohort and for any other program exceptions regarding this sequence. (See Appendices C, D, E for guidelines for petitions and appeals.) The below ‘block’ configuration is effective Fall 2013.

Block 1 Child as Learner-12 cr

____EDUC-P 250 (3) Educational Psychology

____EDUC-M 310 (2) General Methods

____EDUC-E 495 (2) Introduction to Early Childhood Education

____EDUC-K 205 (3) Exceptional Children

____EDUC-F 401 (1) Child as Learner Seminar

____EDUC-M 301 (1) Block 1 Practicum

____EDUC-M 300 (3) Teaching in a Pluralistic Society (These credit hours count towards your General Education total not the Block 1 total.)

 Block 2 The Literate Child—14 cr

____EDUC-E 339 (3) Methods of Teaching Language Arts

____EDUC-E 340 (3) Methods of Teaching Reading I

____EDUC-M 350 (3) Teaching about the Arts and Physical Education

____EDUC-E-449 (3) Trade Books & Classroom Teeacher

____EDUC-F 401 (1) The Literate Child Seminar

____EDUC-M 301 (1) Block 2 Practicum

 Block 3 Integration Across the Curriculum—14 cr

____EDUC-E 328 (3) Science in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 343 (3) Mathematics in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 325 (3) Social Studies in the Elementary School

____EDUC-E 341 (3) Methods of Teaching Reading II

____EDUC-F 401 (1) Integration Across the Curr Seminar

____EDUC-M301 (1) Block 3 Practicum

 Block 4 Teaching in an Era of Accountability

(Total of 12 credit hours)

Intensive 6 week classes (6 credit hours)

____EDUC-K 452 (3) Classroom Management

____EDUC-E 495 (3) School-based Assessment

Student Teaching 10 weeks (6 credit hours)

____EDUC-M 425 (6) Student Teaching

View descriptions of our courses to learn specific information about the class. Most of the course descriptions list the number of credit hours earned and any prerequisites for the class. Please see the Bulletin for more detailed information.



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