The IU Southeast School of Education offers interested candidates a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. The B.S. in Elementary Education leads to an Indiana's teaching license for grades K-6. Candidates who earn their B.S. can also receive licensing through the state of Kentucky; however, some additional coursework may be required.

Candidates can expect to take four sequential full-time semesters in order to complete the program. The Elementary Program candidates will progress together in cohorts throughout the program. They will explore a variety of subjects including art, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and professional education. Candidates who do not move through subsequent method blocks with their original cohort may only enter a later cohort if space permits.

  1. General Education —These requirements meet the campus-wide general education requirements.
  2. Content —These requirements meet the need for elementary teachers to have a broad range of content knowledge.
  3. Professional and Pedagogical Studies —Students complete courses and experiences leading to successful demonstration of what elementary school educators need to know and be able to do.

Elementary Education Transition to Teaching Program

The Elementary Education Program also offers candidates who already hold a Bachelor’s Degree a “fast-track” certification-only program through the Transition to Teaching Program.

Elementary Education Program Graduates have an incredible opportunity to teach young people academic and life skills that will impact generations to come.