Program Completion Requirements

Students will pass through a series of summative decision points that start with admission to the program and ends when the program is completed. The chart below gives an overview of the summative decision points.

Special Education Program Summative Decision Points
Bachelor of Science Degree
  1. Acceptance into teacher education
  2. Continuance beyond general methods
  3. Continuance beyond first special education practicum
  4. Continuance into student teaching
  5. Completion of all courses and degree requirements
While NOT a program completion requirement, teachers applying for an initial Indiana teaching license must present verification of training in 'suicide recognition and prevention', and a CPR certification card.

The KY Education Professional Standards Board announced in June, 2012, that applicants for a KY “Statement of Eligibility”, who complete their coursework at an out-of-state institution (including IU Southeast), must first acquire a license from the institution’s state, and provide a copy of that license with their application for the KY license. (For an IN license, graduates must have the proper CPR/AED/Heimlich certification, training in 'suicide recognition and prevention', pass the necessary IN Praxis II test(s), and apply and pay for an IN license.)