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Curriculum Resources

Center for Cultural Resources

The Center for Cultural Resources (CCR) is a collection of resource kits, each organized to teach a core of 12 universal themes on unity and diversity. The kits provide instructional resources and lesson plans designed for thematic, interactive and realistic learning. They are available after attending an orientation. After completing a reservation form, the user receives confirmation from the CCR intern regarding kit title and check-out period. Kits may only be checked out after submitting a reservation form (online or in person) and receiving confirmation from the CCR intern.

The CCR is located in the Indiana University Southeast Library.

Teacher as Researcher (Annotated References)

The information found on the Teacher as Researcher web page is intended to provide information to anyone who is interested in learning more about the teacher as researcher concept. The Master of Science in Education program at IU Southeast requires candidates to complete a teacher as researcher project no later than 30 hours into the master’s program. It is expected that candidates will review documents on this site prior to beginning their research project.

Youth Count

Youth Count is a community-wide youth development focused on engaging the youth and adults in Floyd County in Southern Indiana in order to build relationships that

…create a community where youth are valued,
investments are made in their well-being,
and all youth have the opportunity to succeed.

Imagination Library

Imagination Library of Floyd County offers a free book each month to participating children from birth until their fifth birthday. The program provides a perfect beginning for reading success in later years and a love of reading for a lifetime.

Registration for Imagination Library is really simple. Parents can register their children online at Imagination Library or complete and return a registration form found at many locations around our community such as your child’s school office, the New Albany-Floyd County Library, or YMCA. Or you may call the Imagination Library’s local office at (812) 542-4001 or email Becky King to request a brochure or for more information.

For more information visit the Dolly Parton Imagination Library at the New Albany-Floyd County Education Foundation.

Core Standards

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English/Language Arts, Literacy, and Mathematics, following approval from Indiana’s Education Roundtable and State Board of Education. Indiana joins a consortium of states that have adopted the standards so far. The CCSS aim to create consistent national benchmarks for all students, regardless of their home state.

The CCSS were developed by two associations: the National Governors Association and the Chief Council of State School Officers in collaboration with representatives from participating states and a wide range of educators, content experts, researchers, national organizations and community groups. Forty-eight states and two territories have indicated they plan to adopt the standards, resulting in a vast majority of U.S. students being taught the same critical skills.

The Common Core State Standards offer many other benefits:

  • CCSS will help prepare all students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and careers.
  • They will help students who move between states by ensuring their curriculum remains intact. States can align textbooks, digital media, and curricula to these internationally benchmarked standards.
  • They will allow for more focused pre-service education and professional development.
  • The CCSS will create potential economies of scale around areas such as curriculum, instructional resources, and assessment. These areas will be strengthened and aligned with the CCSS.
  • Common standards provide the opportunity to compare and evaluate policies that affect student achievement across states and districts.
  • They create the opportunity for America to compete for high-wage, high-skill jobs in a knowledge-based economy.

The current transition plan for the CCSS allows teachers to continue using the Indiana academic standards during the 2010-2011 academic year. Schools will begin teaching the CCSS in the 2011-2012 academic year, resulting in a fully implemented Common Core State Standards program by 2014-2015. School accountability will use the current standards until that time.

IDOE staff is working on plans to assist educators as they implement these new standards. For more information on the CCSS, go to Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) or The Learning Connection - Indiana Standards.

The Learning Connection

The Learning Connection was developed by the Indiana Department of Education as part of a federal grant for developing statewide data systems. The Learning Connection will play a prominent role in supporting the implementation of IDOE’s strategic initiatives. By providing data, resources, and tools for school improvement, the functionality of the Learning Connection can be leveraged across IDOE initiatives aimed at improving student learning.

While various schools will employ the Learning Connection in different ways depending on the availability of existing technologies, the system offers the following four distinct benefits to every teacher:

  1. Access to longitudinal student-level data from numerous sources to support instructional decisions and increase student achievement
  2. Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from across the state through the extensive suite of communication tools
  3. Online lesson planning and curriculum design capabilities
  4. A common point of access for information from IDOE.
Accessing the Learning Connection

Any Educator interested in designing lessons, assessments aligned to standards, or wishing to collaborate and connect with other educators can register for an account.

Schools and corporations can utilize the Learning Connection to provide their staff access to student-level achievement data from the Indiana Department of Education. Enroll your corporation/school in the Learning Connection.