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General Education Requirements Course List

Central Issues, Ideas, and Methods of Inquiry in Arts and Humanities

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= Satisfies Multiple Requirements

The Arts

FINA-F 100  Fundamental Studio - Drawingg  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

THTR-T 120  Acting I  

THTR-T 105  Theatre Appreciation  

MUS-M 174  Music for the Listener  

FINA-H 100  Art Appreciation  

FINA-N 110  Introduction to Studio Art for Non Majors  

MUS-E 241  Intro to Music Fundamentals  

MUS-T 109  Rudiments of Music I  

THTR-T 271  Intro to History of Theater II  

The Humanities

ENG-L 352  American Literature: 1865-1914  

FINA-A 101  Ancient & Medieval Art  

FINA-A 102  Renaissance through Modern Art  

PHIL-P 100  Introduction to Philosophy  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

ENG-L 101  Western World Masterpieces to 1600  

ENG-L 102  Western World Masterpieces  

ENG-L 104  Introduction to Fiction  

ENG-L 299  British Literature 1800-Present  

AFRO-A 169  Intro to African American Literature  

ENG-L 354  American Literature: 1914-present  

ENG-L 358  Twentieth Century American Fiction  

HUMA-U 101  Introduction to the Humanities  

HUMA-U 102  Introduction to Modern Humanities  

ENG-L 106  Introduction to Poetry  

ENG-L 297  English Literature to 1600