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General Education Requirements Course List


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= Satisfies Multiple Requirements

Category I

SOC-S 163  Social Problems  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

POLS-Y 107  Intro to Comparative Politics  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

POLS-Y 109  Intro to International Relations  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

HIST-F 216  History of Slavery in the Americas  

GEOG-G 201  World Regional Geography  

PHIL-P 170  Introduction to Asian Philosophy   

HIST-H 207  Modern East-Asian Civilization   

AFRO-A 169  Introduction to Afro American Literature  

HIST-H 231  The Family in History  

HIST-F 100  Issues in Latin American History  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

FINA-A 150  African, New World and Oceanic Art  

HIST-E 100  Issues in African History  

EDUC-M 300  Teaching in a Pluralistic Society  

HIST-G 100  Issues in Asian History  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

HIST-F 232  Upheaval in 20th Century Latin America  

Category III

FINA-A 402  Art of Native North America  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

FINA-A 451  Art of the South Pacific  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

FINA-A 362  Art of Japan  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

FINA-A 458  Topics in the Ethnographic Arts  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

EDUC-K 205  Introduction to Exceptional Children  

AFRO-A 480  The Black Novel  

POLS-Y 324  Women In Politics  

EALC-J 202  2nd Year Japanese II  

SOC-S 216  American Ethnic Diversity  

PHIL-P 334  Buddhist Philosophy  

FREN-F 363  Introduction a la France Moderne  

SPCH-S 450  Gender & Communication  

SPCH-S 427  Cross Cultural Communication  

SPCH-S 122  Interpersonal Communication  

SPAN-S 411  Civilizacion Cultura de Espana  

SPAN-S 275  Hispanic Culture to Conversation  

SOC-S 338  Sociology of Gender Roles  

FREN-F 250  Second Year French II  

SOC-S 413  Gender & Society  

GER-G 250  German Oral Practice - Writing & Reading II  

SOC-R 320  Sexuality & Society  

NURS-S 472  Community Health Nursing  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

NURS-B 232  Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing  

MUS-M 375  Survey of Ethnic & Popular Musics of the World  

BUS-D 300  International Business  

SPAN-S 250  2nd Year Spanish II  

PSY-P 460  Psychology of Women  

PSY-P 457  Psychology and Culture  

PHIL-P 374  Classical Chinese Philosophy  

SOC-S 308  Intro to Comparative Sociology  Satisifies Multiple Requirements