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General Education Requirements Course List

Reasoning about Ethical Questions

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= Satisfies Multiple Requirements

Category I

JOUR-J 280  Seminar in Journalism Ethics  

PHIL-P 100  Introduction to Philosophy  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

PHIL-P 145  Intro to Social & Political Philosophy  

PHIL-P 200  Bioethics  

PHIL-P 240  Business & Morality  

PHIL-P 140  Introduction to Ethics  

Category III

NURS-S 481  Nursing Management  

PSY-P 380  Ethical Issues in Psychology  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

CSCI-A 290  Cyberspace Influences on Privacy, Security and Safety  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

POLS-Y 379  Ethics and Public Policy  

SPCH-S 228  Argumentation and Debate  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

HIST-H 101  World in the Twentieth Century  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

HIST-H 103  Europe: Renaissance to Napoleon  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

HIST-H 104  Europe: Napoleon to Present  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

PSY-P 459  History and Systems of Psychology  

CSCI-A 290  Managing Computing Resources