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General Education Requirements Course List

Information Technology Fluency

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= Satisfies Multiple Requirements

Category II

CSCI-A 290  Cyberspace Influences on Privacy, Security and Safety  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

PSY-P 250/P251  Research Methods & Statistics I & II  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

NURS-S 472  Community Health Nursing  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

MUS-A 302  Electronic Studio Resource II  

MUS-A 301  Electronic Studio Resource I  

FINA-P 273  Computer Art & Design  

FINA-P 280  Desktop Publishing  

CSCI-C 201  Introduction to Computer Programming  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

CSCI-A 201  Introduction to Programming I  Satisifies Multiple Requirements

CSCI-C 106  Introduction to Computers and their Use  

EDUC-W 200  Computers in Education  

BUS-K 201  The Computer in Business