Application Process

How do I apply for on-campus housing?
You must complete a housing application-contract and submit with a $175 pre-payment deposit to the IU Southeast Bursar Office. Application-contracts are available on our website http://www.ius.edu/housing.

What are the eligibility requirements to live in campus housing?
To be eligible for on-campus housing, students must be enrolled full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours); be in good financial and behavioral standing with the University and The Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Can I submit the housing contract online?
No. You must download and print a contract.
Contracts must be printed, filled out, and submitted with payment to the Bursar Office.
Payments can be made in person at the Bursar window on the first floor of the University Center, or sent by mail to:
Office of the Bursar
UC 103
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150

How will I know that my application-contract has been processed?
Once the payment is processed, the Bursar Office will forward the application-contract to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. You will receive a letter of confirmation that your application-contract has been received. Students submitting an academic year application-contract by May 1 will receive assignment and specific move-in information in early-July.

Housing Contract Information

What is the length of the contract?
The standard contract is for a full academic year (Beginning of Fall Semester through the end of Spring Semester). We do NOT offer Fall-Only contracts. We do offer Spring Only and Summer Contracts.

I need to cancel my housing contract. How do I cancel?
Housing contract cancellations must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of Residence Life and Housing and should be accompanied by a contract cancellation form. For more information, please write liveon@ius.edu or visit our office at Meadow Lodge. Residents are responsible for financial obligations as outlined in the terms and conditions of the contract.

I want to live on-campus but do not plan to attend IU Southeast during the spring semester. Is it possible to sign a contract for the fall semester only?
You must sign a housing contract for the Academic year. If you will graduate, are participating in a study abroad or other University-sponsored program, or are academically dismissed from the University, you may request release from your contract. If you will not be an IU Southeast student during the spring semester, review Section G for cancellation fee information. All residents leaving at the end of the fall semester must complete a cancellation request and check-out procedures established by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Payment Information

How will I be billed for housing charges?
Semester housing charges will be applied to a student’s Bursar Office account at the beginning of each semester and are due and payable according to Bursar Office billing due dates. Visit the Bursar’s Office website or call (812) 941-2335. Failure to make timely payments may result in contract cancellation and removal from campus housing.

Will financial aid cover my housing charges?
Since each student’s financial circumstance is different, please contact the IU Southeast Financial Aid office at (812) 941-2246.

Residence Amenities

What type of apartments are available?
There are four types of apartments – studio; one bedroom, one bath; two bedrooms with two baths; and four bedrooms with two baths. Floor plan information is available here.

What utilities are included in the cost?
Heat, air conditioning, water, electricity, basic cable TV and wireless Internet are included.

Are apartments furnished?
Yes. Each apartment includes the following:

  • Kitchen: Stove/Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Dining peninsula with kitchen stools
  • Living Room: Love seat, Chair, End table, Entertainment unit, Carpeting
  • Each Bedroom: Twin mattress (extra long 80”) and bed frame, Desk and hutch, Desk chair, Dresser, Closet, Window blinds, Carpeting
  • Bathroom: Mirror, Shower Rod

What will I need to bring?
Each resident must provide kitchen items, such as dishes, cookware, small appliances and other amenities such as sheets and towels. Check-out our recommended list of what to bring (or what not to bring) to campus.

Will I need to bring a shower curtain and shower hooks?
Yes. Shower rods are provided, but residents will need to provide shower curtains and hooks. We suggest that you talk to your roommates to decide who will supply these items.

What is the bed mattress size?
Residence hall mattresses are twin extra-long (36” x 80”). Bed linens are not provided.

What kind of cable TV is available?
IU Southeast provides basic cable television for each apartment living room and bedroom at no additional charge.

Is parking available?
Residents must purchase a student parking permit through the University Police Department to be able to park anywhere on campus. For more information, contact the University Police at 812-941-2400.

Can I connect to the wireless Internet from my apartment and room?
All lodges have Internet service provided by the IU Southeast network. Visit http://getconnected.iu.edu/ or contact the IU Southeast Help Desk 812-941-2447 for more information. Residents are responsible for providing network cables.

Can I remove furnishings from my room or apartment?
No. All University-provided furnishing must remain fully-assembled and in the apartment or room.


Is family housing available?
On campus housing is for single students only.

Can I request a specific roommate?
Yes. You may request a roommate on your housing application-contract form. Roommate requests will be considered, but not guaranteed. Roommate requests received after June 1 for Fall applications, or after November 1 for Spring applications cannot be honored. If you don’t have a roommate, we will assign your roommate(s).

Why didn’t I get my requested roommate?
It may not have been a mutual request or your requested roommate may not have a signed application-contract at the time your assignment was made.

Can students choose to share a one bedroom apartment or studio with other students to help with the cost?
No. Each bedroom is single occupancy. A studio can house only one person, a one bedroom apartment can house only two students, a two bedroom and four bedroom apartment can house only four students. Housing rates are per student, per semester, and each student must sign an individual housing contract. Cohabitation or subletting is strictly prohibited.

Is campus housing co-ed?
Buildings are co-ed but apartments are single-gender.

What can I do if I have roommate problems?
Residence Life and Housing encourages open communication between residents and roommates. Your Community Advisor is an excellent resource to assist with roommate mediation.

How do I request a room change?
Room change request forms are available in the Office of Residence Life and Housing at the end of the 3rd week of the semester. Resident-initiated room changes are subject to approval by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. An administrative charge may be assessed for resident-initiated room changes.

General Information

Are there handicapped accessible apartments?
Yes, ADA compliant apartments are available. If you have a physical disability, chronic illness or other condition that significantly limits a major life activity, submit your request to the Office of Disability Services. (insert link to Disability Services)

What is in the Lodge?
Each Lodge has a laundry room, mailboxes, vending machines, study rooms, computer lab and a Great Room with a gas-operated fireplace and a large screen television with extended cable.

What fitness and recreational activities are available on-campus?
Students may participate in a number of organized recreational sports programs through Athletics and Intramurals. The Activities Building offers a free fitness center that has cardio equipment and a weight room.

Can I take a tour?
Yes. Most campus tours are arranged through the Admissions Office. They offer daily tours beginning at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. You can always contact our office at 812-941-2115 to arrange a tour outside of these times.

Do I need to clean my apartment?
Residents are responsible for cleaning their apartment. We encourage you to clean your room on a regular basis. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will conduct health and safety inspections and residents will be asked to correct health and safety violations.

Is phone service available in campus housing?
Apartments are not equipped with land-line phones. Lodge entrance phones may be used to access local, campus and emergency numbers.

What is the Office of Residence Life and Housing?
The Office of Residence Life and Housing creates living-learning environments committed to holistic student development, academic success, and civic engagement. The department strives to provide safe, well-maintained housing facilities that engage students in meaningful discourse and interaction while providing opportunities for personal growth and service to the community. The office is responsible for housing contracts and assignments, roommate mediation, residential policies and resident conduct, maintenance reporting, and programming events. The staff includes full time professional staff members and undergraduate Community Advisors.


Where can I find information about residential policies?
The policies can be found in the Residence Life and Housing Student Handbook found here

Are there weekday or weekend curfews?
No, however residents are expected to be respectful of roommates and neighbors.

Are pets allowed?
Non-flesh-eating fish in well-maintained fish bowls or aquariums are permitted. Aquariums may not be larger than 10 gallons and must be properly maintained and cleaned. Students may be required to remove fish bowls or aquariums in the event the Office of Residence Life and Housing determines that they are not being properly maintained. Although other animals such as snakes and lizards might also live in an aquarium, only fish are allowed. Students may not keep live insects as fish food (such as crickets, grasshoppers, etc.) in lodge spaces or rooms. Authorized service animals are permitted with proper documentation from the Office of Disability Services.

Is smoking allowed in campus housing?
No. IU Southeast is a tobacco-free campus. All tobacco products are prohibited on campus.

What is the policy regarding alcohol?
Alcohol is prohibited on the IU Southeast campus, including campus housing.

Do I have to live in campus housing?
No one is required to live in campus housing.

Can I stay in my apartment over breaks?
Campus housing remains open during Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Continuing residents who are registered for the spring semester must register to stay over winter break. Residents must be in good financial and behavioral standing and register with the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Health and Safety

How safe is campus housing?
IU Southeast Campus Police are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Community Advisors live on-site. Several emergency telephones are available throughout campus. Resident access is limited to individual buildings and apartments. In addition, each bedroom has a separate keyed entry.

Do I need to purchase property insurance?
The University assumes no responsibility for any accident, injury, loss or damage to persons, nor any theft, loss or damage to personal belongingness in or on campus property. Residents should confirm family homeowner policy information and/or obtain insurance to cover personal property.


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