CL/TE Salary Guidelines

Indiana University Southeast is committed to a fair and equitable classification and compensation system as the basis for recognizing the relative value of jobs to the institution's operation. These salary guidelines summarize the compensation policies for Clerical/Technical staff at the Southeast Campus. Please refer to the Salary Administration Policy for further details.

  • Starting salaries shall reflect a combination of externally competitive starting salaries, salaries of current incumbents, and the qualifications of the new employee. Starting salaries will typically be set in the first quartile of the salary range. A new employee who meets the minimum qualifications of the position should receive the minimum starting salary. Starting salaries above the minimum require that the employee's qualifications exceed the minimum required qualifications, and it is expected that the new employee will become a strong contributor in the position within a few months.
  • Promotional salary increases are given to recognize a significant increase in the level of an employee's job responsibilities. A promotion is an assignment of an employee to a new position in a higher pay grade. It is not to be confused with a classification action, which increases the grade of the employee' current job. Employees promoted to a position with a higher salary grade will receive a salary adjustment of 10% or the minimum of the salary grade, whichever is higher.
  • Employees transferred to a position with the same salary grade will not receive a salary adjustment.
  • Employees who accept a position with a lower salary grade or who are demoted due to a lack of performance or lack of qualifications will receive a decrease in salary. The decrease will be 10% or the difference between the pay ranges, which ever is the smallest.
  • Employees whose positions are reclassified to a job in a higher-grade level will receive a salary adjustment equal to the percent difference between the midpoint of the ranges. Employees whose positions are reclassified to a lower classification level will typically receive no reduction in pay.
  • Temporary salary adjustments will be made when an employee assumes the duties of a position in a higher-grade level for at least two weeks and for reasons other than vacation. An employee may retain some significant elements of their regular position. Adjustments shall typically be the greater of the minimum rate of the higher grade or 10%.
  • An equity adjustment is a special, usually one time, salary increase provided to an employee to correct a significant deviation from internal equity or external competitiveness.