Getting Started at IU Southeast

The first few weeks on a new job can be very stressful as you adjust to your new workplace, new systems and new ways of doing business. Your department/division and Human Resources will be working with you to ensure a great start at IUS and to help you complete the necessary paperwork. Your supervisor will assist you in obtaining access to a computer, e-mail, keys, and phone service.

Required Paperwork for New Employees

Visit the Human Resources office on the first day of employment to complete the following paperwork and receive the fringe benefit information packet. These forms can also be found online here.

  • Federal W-4 Tax Form
  • State Tax form
    • Kentucky state tax is not withheld from the paycheck, if you reside in Kentucky you are required to complete a "Certificate of Residency."
  • Employment eligibility Verification ("I-9" form)
    • Documents that establish identity and employment eligibility are required. The most commonly submitted documents are driver's license and social security card or passport. Other documents are acceptable. See Human Resources to complete this form.
  • Direct Deposit form
    • A voided check or preprinted bank deposit slip that shows the bank account number is required when submitting the Direct Deposit form.
  • Personal Profile Form (ED)
  • Parking permit
    • Please stop by University Police (UC 027) to obtain your parking permit.
  • U-Card

New Employee Fringe Benefit Orientation

It's a benefit to know your benefits.

The Human Resources office provides a fringe benefit orientation for faculty and staff. It is important to attend the orientation session to understand, select and enroll in the benefit programs of your choice. You will be contacted to arrange a session that is convenient for you.

A packet containing information and enrollment forms on the various fringe benefit programs will be available in the Human Resources office the first day you report to work. The Human Resources website is also an excellent source of information.

Social Security numbers and birth dates are required to designate beneficiaries on enrollment forms. Verification of eligibility is required at the time of enrollment in the medical insurance for dependents. Employees are asked to provide written documentation of the dependent's relationship, for example, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, documentation of a domestic partner relationship.

Pay Day

Professional Staff employees and Faculty receive paycheck monthly. You will receive a paycheck the first of the month following employment. Please refer to payroll page for a copy of this schedule.

Clerical, Technical and Service Maintenance Staff are paid biweekly. You will receive a paycheck within 3 or 4 weeks. Please refer to payroll page for a copy of the Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule.

Your Human Resources Department

Contact Human Resources with any questions you may have regarding policies, fee courtesy, payroll, direct deposit, taxes, health insurance, retirement, life insurance or other fringe benefits. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will be happy to assist you.