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Classroom "How to"

Wondering how to try a teaching tool in the classroom; interested in implementing some active learning, service-learning or problem-based learning activities into your classes? This page provides information on various classroom tools, teaching techniques, and technologies. Need information for something not on the page? Contact any of the ILTE staff for personalized assistance.

Getting started

Sample syllabus with statements and annotations for 2014 (docx)

Developing learning objectives (PDF)

Cheating & Plagiarism (Let students check their understanding)
Indiana Code on Academic Misconduct

Universal Design for Learning and course accessibility resources

Peer Review and Teaching Consultants

Peer review is a process, not just an event. The Peer Review Manual to reflects information for reviewing online classes, conducting a student focus group, how to write your report, and much more. View the current peer review manual. We strongly recommend junior faculty review our suggested peer review timeline.

Faculty Requesting Peer Review:

Current Peer Review Faculty