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University Information Technology Services (UITS) encompasses a wide variety of services at IU Southeast. UITS provides support for all student, faculty, and staff computing needs. Below are some of the main IT services in addition to where to find more information on these topics.

Access the IU Southeast Computing Network

Your IT Account is your key to all IU technology from email to campus computers. Start by visiting the Account Management page. If you are new to IU Southeast, select “Create My First Computing Accounts.” If you already have an IT Account, select “Create More IU Computing Accounts.” For more information on how to create accounts, visit Accounts and Passphrases, or call the IT Help Desk at (812) 941-2447.


OneStart is IU’s Web-based application portal that provides a common front door to online services at all IU campuses. OneStart offers easier and more direct access to the multitude of services available for students such as viewing grades, registering for classes, viewing loans, and Bursar statement information. Login to OneStart »


This online tool, offered only by IU campuses, is helpful in communicating with classmates and instructors. Oncourse can be used to view a class roster, check a class announcement, review a syllabus, take a test online, and many other tasks to help you learn. Some students use Oncourse as their primary tool for taking courses online.

Oncourse also includes a file storage option. All IU students, faculty and staff are allowed network space to store files. Access your storage by logging into Oncourse, then going to Resources. All students, faculty, and staff each have 1 gigabyte or more storage capacity using Oncourse.

Personal Web Pages

Web publishing services are available for all IU Southeast students, faculty, and staff members using the service Mypage for serving personal web pages. Anyone with an IU username and passphrase may create a personal web page and publish it using Mypage.

Mypage sites are hosted on Mercury, a service provided by UITS. This is where you will log in and create, upload, or update your pages. Read more about the Mypage service on Mercury.

Where to go for IT Help

There are many ways to get help with IU technology: visit any Staffed Computer Lab, contact the IT Help Desk by phone (812) 941-2447, fill out an online form by clicking here, or visit the University Center South, room 212. Consultants may assist students, faculty, and staff with issues or questions regarding IU Southeast technology such as email, computer system hardware, and most software. To a limited extent, the Help Desk may help with personal computer issues, but only when the problem concerns difficulty using IU Southeast online services. Get Help »


All buildings on the IU Southeast campus, along with most outdoor spaces, are equipped with Wi-Fi access called IU Secure. To set up your wireless connection, visit UC 100 (Registration Area Lab). You may also visit IUware and download the IU Secure client under Network & Printing. After the initial setup, just sign in using your IU Southeast username and passphrase and use unlimited Wi-Fi free of charge.

Email Services

IU Southeast offers Imail, run by Microsoft and Umail, run by Google. Both email services are free and can be yours even after graduation. Both emails contain special features such as calendars, live chat, storage space, and much more. Go to IU Southeast Email and choose Imail or Umail.

Technology Labs

Technology labs are IU Southeast’s student computer labs. The Staffed Labs can help with IU related technical issues. View the list of Technology Labs »

Hardware Deals

Need a computer? IU Southeast holds computer sales with very affordable prices. Check out avaliable Software and Hardware »

Software Deals

Can’t afford hundreds of dollars in software? Go to IUware and download software for free or go to the bookstore and buy hardcopies for unbeatable prices. The IU Southeast Barnes & Noble bookstore is located in the University Center South, room 007. Check out avaliable Software and Hardware »