IU Policies

As one of eight Indiana University campuses, the IU Southeast Information Technology office subscribes to central IU policies regarding the use of technology. Policies cover appropriate use of IU technology resources, servers, fair usage, mass e-mail, non-academic use, and more. Those policies can be found on the University Information Policy Office website.

IU Southeast Specific Policies

There are IU Southeast specific policies. These are detailed below:

Employee Cell Phone Policy

An Indiana University policy approved by the Board of Trustees (fiscal policy I–480), effective July 1st 2005, requires employees who have a university-provided cell phone, in many cases, to acquire personal cell phone service and arrange for university reimbursement. The new procedure will allow employees to select their cell phone carrier of choice.

IU Southeast will reimburse employees for one cell phone and an average amount of monthly service fees. Telephone Services will determine the average monthly service charge each year. Employees who carry a cell phone for university business will receive additional pay in this amount each month.

The following are excluded from this policy:

  • Departmental Phones: A departmental phone is a shared phone that does not leave the campus and is turned in by each employee at the end of his/her shift. Departmental phones are not impacted by this policy.
  • Two-Way Radio Phones: This includes communication devices where phone service is not enabled and only two-way radio function, or push-to-talk capabilities, are enabled.

The process to acquire reimbursement for cell phone service is as follow:

  1. Employee must complete a request for cell phone reimbursement form and route it to their department head. The Director of Accounting services will be copied on the request.
  2. Human Resources contacts employee to have condition contract signed. Route sheet and contract are filed in Human Resources.
  3. Employee obtains personal contract with vendor of choice and brings Department Head a copy of the receipt for hardware and service agreement.
  4. Department Head notifies Human Resources of total hardware amount and service agreement. Notification must include exact amount.
  5. Reimbursement is set up via E-Doc in the payroll system by Human Resources.

Before reimbursement is set up, employee must agree with all below conditions of reimbursement and sign condition contract.

Terms and Conditions
  1. For 2005 – 2006, the base reimbursement rate for cell phone service will be $39.99 per month, and base reimbursement rate for a Blackberry device will be $64.99 per month. Reimbursement will be grossed up to counter income tax effects. These amounts are reviewed annually.
  2. Base rates are for a standard cell phone and Blackberry services. Any additional features will be at the expense of employee unless the employee’s department head determines that a business need exists.
  3. In case of termination of employment for any reason, department will pay deactivation fee for cell phone contract if employee cancels plan within 30 days of termination of employment.
  4. Employee is required to acquire insurance for any assets related to plan. A base insurance rate of $5.99 will be reimbursed.
  5. If employee goes over allotted minutes of plan, reimbursement will be available if itemized bill is submitted and audited by department head.
  6. Upgrades of any assets related to phone will not be reimbursable to employee unless department head determines that a business need exists.
  7. Any damage to plan assets is not reimbursable unless department head determines extraordinary situation exists.

Complaints concerning violations of this or other administrative policies should be sent to webadmaf@ius.edu or webit@ius.edu.

Email as an Official Means of Communication

IU Southeast is pleased to announce that, effective July 1, 2004, electronic mail (email) will become an official means of communication with IUS students. This campus policy is in accordance with the Indiana University Policy on Use of Email as Official Correspondence with Students adopted on December 10, 2003. Students will benefit by receiving timely, accurate, and up-to-date communication about matters including, but not limited to:

  • financial aid and scholarships
  • registration
  • billing notification
  • university policy statements
  • university services and events
  • course information
  • degree completion and/or graduation
  • administrative actions
  • academic calendar

To set up your email account, visit the Account Management website and follow the instructions on the screen. If you encounter any problems please visit the IT Help Desk in University Center 212, stop by the staffed Student Technology Centers in Crestview 112 or Knobview 207, or call the Helpdesk at 941-2447.

A student’s failure to receive or read official university communications sent to the student’s official email address does not absolve the student from knowing and complying with the content of the official communication.

The university provides a simple mechanism for students to forward email from the official university email address to another email address of the student’s choice at the Account Management website. Students who choose to have their IU Southeast email forwarded to another email address do so at their own risk. The University is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission of, or access to, email forwarded to an unofficial email address, and any such problems will not absolve a student of their responsibility to know and comply with the content of official email communications sent to the student’s official IU email address.

View the full text of the IU Policy on Use of Email as Official Correspondence with Students »

Students should check their university email accounts frequently.

Student Technology Fee Guidelines

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