Network Rewire Project

UITS begins multi-year project to replace network wiring and switches in campus buildings.

This webpage was created to help you track IT’s progress as we work on this major initiative. It will be updated daily.


Network Rewire Graphic

In order to meet the growing need for speed, the network wiring and switches in several IU Southeast buildings will be systematically replaced over the next few years. This upgrade is essential to support current and future networking needs for both voice and data.

Today, many of our buildings have 20-year-old wall jacks and wiring that limit data speed. When completed, this upgrade will be a tenfold improvement.

The campus rewire project is one part of a comprehensive Network Master Plan for the entire Indiana University communication infrastructure.

Contractors are installing cable down the hallways to prepare for office installations.  Their plan is to install the new datajacks next to the old.  The faceplates will be hanging from the wall until the new jacks are made live and the old cables removed.

This Week’s Schedule: Knobview Hall

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

100 level offices and classrooms

100 level offices and classrooms

100 level offices and classrooms

No work scheduled

No work scheduled

Project Progress:

Dates listed are approximate.

Upcoming Weeks  Completed So Far

Making First and Third level jacks live

All 100 level offices/classrooms


Next Building:

The Ogle Center will be next in line after Knobview is completed.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Support Center at (812) 941-2447 or