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Common Tasks and Troubleshooting

Student Email

IU has partnered with Microsoft and Google to offer students two options for email and other online communication services. These services are available to all students.

About Imail & Umail
  • Student Imail - Indiana University has partnered with Microsoft to launch Imail to provide email and other online communications services for IU students.
  • Student Umail - Indiana University has partnered with Google to launch Umail to provide email and other online communications services for IU students.
Can I Switch Mail Systems Or Use Both?

It is best to stay with just one mail system. If you prefer to switch services, you can create a new account on the opposite mailing system. For example, if you have Umail, you can create an Imail account at the Account Management website.

IU Southeast faculty and staff should not use Imail or Umail for official IU Southeast business.

Accessing your IU Southeast Email

Access your Imail or Umail account by clicking the Email link on the IU Southeast homepage or from OneStart. In OneStart, look for the Services tab, select Email on the left, and then click Imail or Umail.

You can also access your account directly via the web:   -or-

Exchange Web Access

If you need integrated messaging features such as a shared departmental calendar, an Exchange account may be appropriate. Exchange accounts are available for staff and faculty. For more, see Exchange accounts.

You may access your Exchange account as follows:

Email Security

Learn how to spot suspicious email to prevent viruses or identity theft.

Mass Email Policy