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Students in every field benefit from proficiency in a foreign language, because it develops critical-thinking skills and understanding of their own first language. Another language broadens appreciation for one's culture and that of others. It prepares one for active citizenship in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world.

The Foreign Language Lab provides free copying of audio-cassettes for students enrolled in French, Spanish, German, or Japanese at Indiana University Southeast. It also provides 27 stations for oral work during lab hours. Two television monitor/VCR sets allow students to view video cassettes as requested by the instructors.

Laboratory hours are posted on the laboratory door.

Contact Dr. Bohdan Bochan at 941-2230 or via email to receive more information about the Foreign Language Lab.

language tutors

Special tutors in French, German, and Spanish offer help to advanced students who need assistance.

Tutors for beginning students are available through the Student Development Center,