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Purchase Request Tutorial

>>Access the Library Purchase Request Form online. (login required)

I am pleased to announce that all Indiana University Southeast faculty can now order monographic materials (books, sound recodings, scores, videos, etc.) for the Indiana University Southeast Library via the Library's online Faculty Library Purchase Request Form. We believe that web-based ordering will make the ordering process easier and more efficient. The new system will also improve the Library's ability to analyze and plan for the growth of our collections. It will also enable us to better respond to your teaching and research needs.

To connect to the Faculty Library Purchase Request Form, please click the link indicated at the top of this message. But before you do that, please read the following.

  • Authenticate into the form, using your IUS user ID and password (if the authentication screen asks for a "domain," you should be able to ignore that request if on campus. Off campus you might need to type "ADS" in the "domain.") The first part of the form includes your name and contact information (including an office or departmental telephone number). Much of this information is automatically filled in; if any information is incorrect, please let us know. Please use the drop down menu to select a "Department." (If your department doesn't appear on the list, select "Other.")
  • The more bibliographic information you supply, the more quickly we can locate and order your request. Additional information that can help us find your title can be included that in the text box at the bottom of the page.
  • PRIORITY RANKINGS: The Library's goal is to meet all the information needs of our faculty and students. We can best accomplish that goal through a mix of ownership and resource sharing (e.g., interlibrary loan and document delivery). We ask each faculty member to contribute to that goal by assigning a priority ranking to each item requested.

    Here's a brief guide to priority rankings.

    An ESSENTIAL title is one that in your judgment must be owned by the Library on this campus. This category includes materials needed for teaching, learning, and research related to the University's curriculum.

    An IMPORTANT title is one that in your judgment must be readily available on demand, but need not be owned by the IUS Library. If two or more copies of the title are available via inter-library loan from our partner libraries in the Indiana University Library system, we will not order the title immediately. Rather, we will hold the order and add these materials as our budget permits. (You need not check the number of copies held by the IU Libraries; we will perform that check as part of the ordering process.)

    A RECOMMENDED title is one that in your judgment is noteworthy, and that we should consider adding to the collection as fiscal resources permit. Included in this category you might include works that go beyond curricular and research needs, but are important in building a balanced and representative Library collection. Materials in this category will be held and ordered as the Library budget permits.
  • RUSH: Please check the "RUSH" box when you have an urgent need for materials (e.g., a recent publication you plan to use in an impending course). Please be aware, however, that our vendors typically impose a surcharge for rush orders.
  • PRIMARY USE: For informational purposes only, we ask you to indicate the primary use of the materials ordered, using the categories indicated. This is not an ordering filter, but we hope that the information collected will help us better understand and forecast ordering trends.

REGARDING JOURNAL and DATABASE SUBSCRIPTIONS: The Library is currently in the process of reviewing pring and online journal subscriptions (we will be asking for you assistance in that process this year). In the meantime, the Library is considering jounal and database needs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me directly regarding your needs for these kinds of materials. To connect to the Faculty Library Purchase Request Form, click: Library Purchase Request Form or connect to the Library web page and click the "Purchase Request" link.

In closing, I'd like to acknowledge the contributions of Melanie E. Hughes, the Library's Coordinator of Automation and Technical Services, and Barb Gelwick, Internet Webmaster (Integrated Technology) who designed and implemented this page.

This is a new service, of course. With your help, we hope to improve it as the year progresses. If you have problems using the service, please report them to us as soon as possible. If you have questions or comments about this, or other Library resources or services, please call me at (812) 941-2631, or reach me via e-mail.

Marty Rosen

Director of Library Services

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