What can I do with an MIS degree?

We like to say that the Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is good for nothing – instead, it’s good for everything. What we mean is that the MIS degree is not designed to prepare you for a specific career; it’s designed to exercise and develop your mind so you are prepared for a variety of career opportunities.

Albert Einstein said, “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.”

The point is that many routine and even complex tasks are being outsourced to computers today, but the MIS degree is designed to foster exactly the kind of talents that people have and computers do not. Today’s successful workers need to be innovative, creative, and broad-minded thinkers who are capable of:

  • Flexibility of mind
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • Innovative methods
  • Ability to approach problems/issues from multiple perspectives with creativity

The world changes quickly and most people make many career changes during their working lives. The MIS degree allows you to enrich your personal and professional life by developing your love of learning as a survival skill in a world of constant change.

The MIS degree allows you to design your own interdisciplinary master’s degree: it gives you the opportunity to develop mastery of a self-defined discipline. In other words, instead of following lockstep in a discipline of someone else’s choosing, you get the opportunity to design your own degree and chose to develop the right knowledge base and skill set for what you want to do next.

Getting an MIS degree at IU Southeast has helped numerous students achieve advancement in their careers or develop new careers.