LBST-D 601 Graduate Project Propsal Seminar (3 cr.)

During the course, students progress from a thesis idea to a full Graduate Project Proposal; a process which involves extensive literature review and development of appropriate methodology. At course end, students will have developed the first two chapters of their thesis. In addition students will identify their thesis committee.

  • START: area of interest or vague research idea
  • END: well-defined and researched thesis proposal
    • two chapters of thesis:
      • (1) literature review (2) method
    • knowledge of relevant research ethics
    • thesis committee members identified
    • signed thesis proposal form submitted to director
  • REQUIRED: One meeting of the entire thesis committee with the student to discuss the thesis proposal.
    1. taken as a course with other students taught by the MIS Director
    2. taken as independent study with a member of the thesis committee
    • Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G., & Williams, J. M. (2003). The Craft of Research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.