Applied Behavioral Sciences

This program is designed to educate students in the practical application of psychological principles in public and private agencies providing human services to southern Indiana and the Louisville metropolitan area. Graduates of this program will be trained in areas including: interpersonal dynamics, group dynamics, communication: persuasion, marketing, advertising, organizational communication, organizational crisis resolution, organizational and human management techniques, educational and training program coordination, grant writing and program assessment procedures, as well as more general psychological principles of learning and human behavior that can be applied in any human service setting.


To complete the 15 credit hours of electives associated with the MIS degree students should satisfy the following requirements:

Required courses

  • PSY P505 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY P511 Seminar in Professional Skills
  • PSY P508 Applied Research Project

Select one of the following:

  • PSY P509 Group Behavior & Processes
  • PSY P502 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY P624 Principles of Psychopathology
  • PSY P512 Seminar in Grant Writing
  • EDUC G532 Introduction to Group Counseling

Select one of the following:

  • SPCH S324 Persuasion
  • SPCH S333 Public Relations
  • SPCH S427 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • SPCH S440 Organizational Communication
  • SPCH S450 Gender and Communication
  • EDUC G504 Counseling Theory and Techniques

Note: All undergraduate courses will be taken at the graduate level (LBST-D511, D512, or D513).

Thesis will be research based.