Applied Science and Instruction

A new concentration in applied science and instruction provides a combination of graduate level education pedagogical courses with science technology courses in a liberal arts setting that broaden the experience. The purpose is to provide graduate education to those who educate others, including the public, in various areas of science. We hope to serve educators such as educators in science museums, parks department staff, consultants training on new biotechnological methods, zoos, health education, community college instructors, technical college instructors, medical science liaisons, science writers, science journalists/bloggers, tech support specialist, and science sales staff.

  1. Introduction to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies (4 cr. hr.) and 3 MIS seminars (D501, D502, D503 to total at least 9 cr. hr.)
  2. 15 credit hours of electives, including no fewer than 2 courses (6 in Science Education (EDUC) courses and no fewer than 2 courses (6 concentrating in one area of science (AHLT, ANAT, BIOL, CHEM, GEOG, GEOL, MICR, PHYS, PLSC, ZOOL).
  3. Graduate Project/Thesis on topic investigation or applying methods of science education or science technology: D601 (3 and D602 (minimum of 3