Digital Media

The media landscape is changing rapidly, and understanding that landscape is vital in functioning as a professional communicator. Understanding digital technologies and multimedia storytelling are central competencies required of those working in many industries, such as journalism, public relations, advertising and travel/tourism. This proposed program’s focus on digital and social media makes us unique among programs in the metro area, focusing on both theoretical and applied aspects of these topics. Potential job opportunities for our graduates could include social media specialists, reputation managers, and infographics/data visualization specialists, just to name some possibilities. The purpose of this proposed concentration is to help direct our students in developing skills and competencies vital to working in communication fields in an increasingly digital environment.


To complete the 15 credit hours of electives associated with the MIS degree students should satisfy the following requirements:

  • JOUR J303 - Online Journalism
  • JOUR J362 - Multimedia Reporting
  • INFO I300 - Human Computer Interaction
  • INFO I441 - Interaction Design Practice
  • SPCH S333 - Public Relations

Note that all courses will be taken at the graduate level (LBST-D511, D512, D513)