Gender Studies

Eighteen of the 34 hours required for the MIS degree must have a gender focus. Of these 18 hours, six are for the graduate project, which must have a gender theme. The remaining 12 hours may be obtained in several ways. The following courses are associated with the women and gender studies program:

  • WOST W200 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • FINA A490 Topics in Art History: Feminism and Visual Culture
  • LTSU L385 Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • PSY P460 The Psychology of Women
  • SOC R220 The Family
  • SOC S308 Global Society
  • SOC R463 Inequality and Society
  • PHIL P394 Feminist Philosophy
  • PSY B388 Human Sexuality
  • PSY P460 The Psychology of Women
  • SOC R320 Sexuality and Society