Gender Studies

Eighteen of the 34 hours required for the MLS degree must have a gender focus. Of these 18 hours, six are for the graduate project, which must have a gender theme. The remaining 12 hours may be obtained in several ways. Choose from the list below:

Current Course Offerings that Apply for WGS Certificate and Minor

Spring 2013 Courses
  • WOST W200& Introduction to Women's Studies
  • FINA A490 Topics in Art History: Feminism and Visual Culture
  • LTSU L385 Class, Race, Gender and Work
  • PSY P460 The Psychology of Women
  • SOC R220 The Family
  • SOC S308 Global Society
  • SOC R463 Inequality and Society
Fall 2012 Courses
  • PHIL P394 Feminist Philosophy
  • PSY B388 Human Sexuality
  • PSY P460 The Psychology of Women
  • SOC R320 Sexuality and Society

Course Descriptions

W200 Women in Contemporary American Society (3 cr.)

Interdisciplinary approach to core discipline areas and to methodological and bibliographical tools required for research in women’s studies. Roles and images of women in contemporary American society based on historical, social, political background. Will not count toward the social science distributional requirement.

W400 Selected Topics in Women’s Studies (Senior Seminar) (3 cr.)

Readings and discussion of selected topics, with an interdisciplinary focus; research paper required.

W495 Readings and Research in Women’s Studies (1-3 cr., 6 cr. max.)

Individual readings and research. May be repeated twice for credit with a different topic.

A notation will appear on the transcripts of students who elect to do concentrations in Gender Studies. Perhaps the concentration can be printed in the area where a major would be listed.

Students who are interested in a Gender Studies concentration are encouraged to select the concentration at the time they begin their program of study in MLS.