International Studies

The International Studies track would require students to choose one concentration from the International Studies major (Europe, Latin America, or East Asia). In that concentration students would complete the following requirements for the MIS degree:

  1. 15 hours of elective graduate level course work as follows:
    • One multinational course (3 cr.)
    • One economics course (3 cr.)
    • One humanities course (3 cr.
    • One social sciences course (3 cr.)
    • One additional course from B, C, D
  2. 9 hours of graduate seminars: in each seminar the student's paper should be cross-cultural in perspective.
  3. Graduate project must be of an international nature with focus in the major area selected for other course work by the student (Europe, Latin America or East Asia).
Additional Requirements

Students must have a foreign language proficiency equivalent to two years of college study. Students from a college of arts and sciences should meet this requirement. Students from schools without a language requirement (e.g. business) would be required to demonstrate the appropriate level of language proficiency or to take two years of a foreign language. The foreign language in which the student is proficient is not required to match his/her major area (Europe, Latin America or East Asia) with the International Studies concentration.