1. Applications are submitted to MIS advisory council first, which reviews them for appropriateness (interdisciplinarity, student interest, etc).
  2. If approved, MIS advisory council submits them to APC.
  3. If approved, APC submits them to faculty senate.
  4. If approved, proposal goes to IU Academic Officers Committee by EVP for Academic Affairs
  5. If approved, MIS Director submits info to Registrar and updates web page. Concentration is active at beginning of next semester.


  • Provides structure for MIS students
  • Allows programs to incubate master’s degrees
  • Existing concentrations are significant point of entry for MIS students
  • Concentration appears on transcript


  • Total Credit Hours: 34
  • Basic MIS degree components: 13 cr. hr
    • LBST D510
    • 3 MIS seminars (1 in each school)
  • Basis for concentration: 21 cr. hr.
    • 5 electives covering at least 2 schools (A&L, SS, NS; SOE & SOB also considered)
    • Thesis (covering at least 2 schools, thesis committee members come from at least 2 schools)


  1. Rationale: Purpose of proposed concentration
  2. Development: Faculty members involved in development of proposed concentration
  3. Interdisciplinary nature of proposed concentration
  4. Impact of proposed concentration (on students, on home program, on MIS)
    1. demand (e.g., expected enrollment)
    2. resource needs
  5. Proposed elective courses and nature of thesis
    1. How often are electives offered?
    2. Feasibility of student finishing in 5 years
  6. New courses required?
  7. Plan of study: provide a sample schedule for a hypothetical student
  8. Letters of support from relevant school Deans.
  9. Letter of support from an outside entity that can attest to the necessity and value of the proposed concentration

Deadline: Applications accepted any time

Revised: 4/8/2014