The Purpose of Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies helps us to value the world by integrating aspects of the three schools, arts and letters, natural science, and social science. By doing this, the curriculum helps us to understand why we view ourselves and our surroundings the way that we do. It encourages us to communicate better with those around us. A interdisciplinary education gives a greater appreciation for the literature, music, and visual arts that society offers us. It helps us to comprehend the complex social and political programs of the contemporary world and facilitates our ability to make use of today's rapidly evolving technology.

An Individualized Program of Study

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program is designed to allow students flexibility to fashion a course of study that blends their interests, talents and experience. Students, under guidance of their faculty advisor, may choose graduate courses and seminars in a variety of disciplines within the schools of arts and letters and the sciences. The program culminates with a thesis or alternative project that will grow out of the information and methodologies acquired throughout the course work. In order to complete a thesis a student must carry out an extensive amount of research and analysis on an interdisciplinary topic with assistance of a faculty committee. Three thesis options are available: traditional, creative, and applied.

Program Mission

Students who have completed the MIS program will demonstrate:

  • understanding of the methods of intellectual inquiry in multiple disciplines
  • development of broader knowledge base with sufficient depth
  • improved ability to critically analyze information
  • ability to synthesize knowledge to examine complex issues
  • capacity to apply learning to make informed decisions
  • ability to communicate effectively

Feed Your Mind

If you're a student looking to reach beyond a bachelor's degree, a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies could be the challenge you desire. This interdisciplinary liberal arts program offers students a greater appreciation for the humanities and the sciences. In addition, graduates of the MIS program understand the reciprocal relationship between the complex social and political structures of the contemporary world and humanity.

With a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies students can pursue careers in a variety of fields. Alumni of this program are qualified to work in education, social services, and law. Graduates may also decide to continue their education in a Ph.D. program. The options are infinite when you pursue a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.