Retool with Master's of Interdisciplinary Studies

By Deborah Finkel
Director of the MIS program

It is possible to find a silver lining in a difficult economy. That silver lining can give you the motivation to examine your career goals and your future. Do you feel that you have good skills, but you would like to add more tools to your toolbox? The individualized Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at IU Southeast is designed to do just that.

A recent study found that people currently in their mid to late 40s have held an average of 10 jobs, although some of these job changes may have involved promotions or other changes within the same field. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, no matter what the true number of jobs or careers a person will have, one fact remains clear: Most people make many changes during their working lives.

So the question is: How can you ready yourself for possible career changes? Preparation is the answer. One of the primary goals of the liberal studies program at IU Southeast is to ensure that students have multiple tools in their tool box. Regardless of their undergraduate education, students in the liberal studies program are introduced to the methods of inquiry used in all three of the arts and sciences schools: arts & letters, social sciences, and natural sciences.